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Visit Paderno Online : www.paderno.it

PADERNO is a leading companyproducing professional cookware and kitchen utensils for the food service industry.

Since 1925, Paderno has been manufacturing and distributing its products through dealers and wholesalers, reaching various sectors of the catering industry from restaurants and hotels to ocean liners and various institutions such as hospitals, schools etc.
Paderno also offers a wide ange of complementary items which have been selected from experienced manufacturers all around the world.

Paderno always acts in order to fully satisfy the customer and has fixed as a commercial policy the following firm points:

  • Quality products
  • Full compliance with its sale conditons
  • Competative prices.
  • Assistance through specialized staff

To succeed, Paderno has achieved a quality management system which has been assessed and registered as meeting the standards of ISO 9000/UNI and ISO 9000.