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Schönwald sets new technological standards and continuously invests in research and development. In 2009, for example, a new fast firing kiln with the world’s most modern firing technology was commissioned. This gives us a flexibility that was hitherto unknown in the industry, and has allowed us to step up our overall annual production capacity to 45 million pieces / 13,000 tons of porcelain. Energy and fuel consumption have been significantly reduced – environmental and cost-saving factors that give us a competitive edge.


Our employees’ high qualifications are the basis of our success. Every year we invest in training programmes to upgrade and improve our employees’ skills. The best ideas for innovations usually come from those who work directly on the product. Each individual suggestion for improvement is noted, examined and, if it is confirmed to be beneficial, implemented.


Porcelain and the environment go together well. Our products are manufactured using only natural raw materials and their environmental balance is outstanding. The greatest challenge remains the high thermal energy required to fire ceramics.

We have managed to reduce energy consumption by one-third over the last 15 years. CO2 emissions have been significantly decreased thanks to cutting edge, fast-firing technology and the use of light, high-tech kiln furniture. Since 1990, the only pollutant worth mentioning – fluoride (in gaseous form in waste gas) – has been consistently filtered out.

With regard to “sustainable housekeeping”, the company completely recycles all raw materials and intermediate products, it operates a water treatment plant, it has initiated various energy and water conservation projects, and has reduced its consumption of raw materials. As proof that all environmental and energy management activities are a permanent feature, the company holds ISO EN DIN 14001 and 50001 certification.