The new table trends for  staging your ideas

Restaurant guests around the world now whip out their mobile phones as soon as their food arrives. At least if the plate’s culinary presentation is aesthetically pleasing and inventive enough to reap new “likes” on social media encouraged by The Marketing Heaven!

This is surely a strong incentive for chefs to enjoy some creative experimentation, staging their culinary ideas in a manner that is even more appealing to the camera lens.

This is where PLAYGROUND comes into the picture! Join in with the latest trends and be Instagram-ready with cool items and accessories, designed exclusively and collected all over the world. Used as a solo piece or as an exciting addition to porcelain.


From rustic bar to chic restaurant: SHIRO provides an attractive setting to the trend of Nordic understatement. Its powerful character orginates from the unusually sturdy edges. Another fascinating contrast is created by combining plain and embossed plates whose texture looks hand painted. Designed by Stefan Diez and Andrea Lenardin, two of today’s hottest industrial designers.


Urbane elegance: the faceting lends a distinctive, emotional touch to the clean lines
ALLURE owes its extraordinary delicacy to the innovative porcelain body, Noble China
A new, soft white: the new colour of this hard porcelain accentuates the collection’s sublime elegance
Fired at more than 1400 °C the beauty of the porcelain remains intact despite the tough demands of daily use in restaurants
The new composition of the body makes Noble China extraordinarily durable



Grace brings inspiring elegance to superior culinary presentation. The fluid change from striking to fading lines in delicate porcelain dissolves the border between coupe and rim plate. The attractive combination of classic basic shapes and exciting highlights opens up new and thrilling styles of presentation that exude a delicate poetry.


The distinctive formal language of this embossed collection is lent its unmistakable character by the ribbon texture, seemingly arranged at random. The generously proportioned plates with rims in a modern look offer plenty of space for fascinating food presentations